Mix for Easterndaze

Mix for Easterndaze

"The podcast created by the makers of the Red For Colour Blind blog, which is dedicated to an "invisible scene", gathers various projects from the fringes of the Prague post-noise underground, mainly associated with the label and DIY collective KLaNGundKRaCH, which, coincidentally celebrates its 6th anniversary this November. Aside from Czech producers and ensembles, it also features foreigners active on the scene including Core of the Coalman or Romano Krzych. The podcast includes tracks from records released this year, previously unreleased material and some forgotten gems. A haunting psychotropic journey through vigorous Bohemian subterranea."




Core of the Coalman - Noise Face
I R - Bogodi
Core of the Coalman - Cat's Eye
Pelikán - Drift
Abraxas Apparatus - Automatic Electric
White Wigwam - Threads
Lightning Glove - Somewhere Between
No Pavarotti - Sea Cow Blues
No Pavarotti - Season of the Weak (mis-take)
Mooncup Accident - Litany II
Sister Body - Red
Elsa Aids & k!amm - Untitled
Žužu - Untitled