New EP: Sister Body - Lucifer Efekt

New EP: Sister Body - Lucifer Efekt

New album by Prague based project Sister Body is out now as a limited edition of C30 and download on british cassette label Tesla Tapes, who previously put out also related project Lightning Glove. Isolationist approach to sound and performance which led to more dreamy and dubby EP Star / Red in 2013 (Spleencoffin) is now inspired by the toxic and poisonous aspect of electronic sound itself, although without a clear relation to the classic acid tradition. The tracks are especially based on the oppostition of nervous emotive patterns and cold voice of Miss Camilla. 

You can order tapes via, or Staalplaat distribution.

You can listen and download on

"hovering on the edges of sanity and coldness of electronic music with its raw and Spartan approach" (Easterndaze)

"a yearning dub-laced sonifesto for fallen angels and the likes" (Electronic Beats)

"The five tracks of 'Lucifer Efekt' come from the most blunted, spellbound headspace, tracing a elusive thought pattern from skudged, effluent drones and pulses in the title track to keening, bittersweet discord and roiling machine rhythm on 'Secret Turned To Revulsion' to the Cro-Magnon techno rituals of 'Crazy=Black' and ' the radioactive shudder of 'Evol Of Lluf'" (Boomkat)